Sunday, February 8, 2009

Television! Teacher, mother, secret lover...

We watch a lot of TV. I don't mean we spend hours every day clicking through the channels for something good on...that's just sad. We are hopelessly/emotionally/violently attached to several-- tens of!-- shows that we specifically make time for in our otherwise (mostly) productive lives. On a related note, we are slaves to the love-box that is the Tivo. We make (self-proclaimed) hilarious and incredibly insightful observations about shows, characters, storylines and actors. We laugh and guffaw, and enjoy ourselves, so we decided it would be a crime not to share this talent, er...knack...hobby...with others.

So feel free to enjoy, even if you don't watch some or any of the shows we do, or agree with our sweeping opinions, hopefully we can still shed some light, give you a laugh, or at least make you feel better about your own habits.


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