Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blog virgin jitters

So this is to be my first post of my first (shared or otherwise) blog. Hopefully technical difficulties with my first "real" post won't spoil that distinction. I've thus-far resisted the urge to post because I find  many blogs self-indulgent and annoying, but I am willing to give this idea of a blog with a purpose a try.

Kelsey (Curly) and I (Mo) are two of the most pop-culture obsessed people I know. We rock out Trival Pursuit Pop Culture 2 DVD Edition. That name just rolls off the tongue and the keyboard, wow! Until now, we've only had each other and unsuspecting people in our lives on which to inflict our unsolicited opinions on movies, music, and (for the most part) TV. Whether or not anyone will actually read this is not a major concern of mine; it really is nice to just get these mountains of useless opinions out of my brain. 

We'll be trying to post together on shows we both watch, so the depth of our combined knowledge can go out and spread to the world at large. Enjoy!


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