Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Real(ly Bad) Housewives of Orange County

Has anyone else noticed that this season of The Real Housewives of Orange Country has been less housewives and more Girls Gone Horribly Horribly Wrong? As of the last episode we find ourselves in the following posish:

--Jeana is divorced/separated/generally not together with her d-bag husband (who else thought this had already happened and the show had had the taste to gloss over it?) and not making any particular effort to get back on the horse. 

--Vicky is her crazy old bitch self. Part of me wonders if this isn't selective editing on Bravo's end. Regardless, I wonder how her long-suffering husband Don has found the will to not throw himself in front of a speeding Escalade. 

--Lynne wondered last week if her house had a/c and how she would look into the matter. I have no words for this, nor her stupid cuff bracelets in which she evidently puts much time and effort. Perhaps less time spent in that endeavor would yield favorable results in preventing her 18 year old daughter drinking and driving?

--Tamra remains one of the major reasons I still watch this show. Her dinner party was truly hilarious and I'm sure will go down as one of the highlights of this season. I like her and her take on things, but not her creep-ass son. 

--Gretchen: To be or not to be a gold-digging whore, that is the question on my mind at the moment. As soon as I choose a side, something changes that. More selective editing from Bravo? Possibly. But the scene with her, Jeff, and the kids eating breakfast was pitiful. He looked like they had exhumed him and brought him home as-is. Or as-was? 

This show, and I am consciously avoiding using a certain phrase here, is a mess. Right now, it's a mess in an ohmigoditssobadiloveitsomuch sorta way, but the producers are toeing a very fine line. This could go into Being Bobby Brown-town quicker than any of us realize. 

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