Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Discovered In My Travels

So the other day as I was lounging about the manse, setting up the basement TV for the second time in a month, I made an unfortunate discovery.

I went to NBC HD to test the signal, channel six-fifty...something on Comcast. Irrelevant with Tivo. Anyways, NBC's warmed over attempt at putting Knight Rider back on TV was playing. I'm gonna tell you a secret: watching footage of a firey plane crash would be far less painful.

In the brief time I was watching, Kitt drove through traffic-clogged LA at TOTALLY EPIC speeds with SERIOUSLY AWESOME amounts of CGI while a cop was chasing it...rather...him? I don't know here. Regardless, the bumbling cop crashed his motorcycle into something or other, big slide, lame. Totally probable you wouldn't die crashing a motorcycle into a stationary object at freeway speeds. Nevermind the fact that the cop was a real person, not a voice in a suit like a Power Ranger.

It's time to put this old beast out to pasture again.

P.S. user ratings have an average of 8.1 for this show, garnering it an appelation of "Great" and putting it in the company of shows such as Big Love and The Sopranos. HA!

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