Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things Mo Loves This Year

Ya ya, it's been awhile. Like always. Typical. Anyway, here are a few of Mo's favorite things of the 2009 fall/holiday season.


Obviously Curly and I aren't the most prolific bloggers. We're just not commitment people (obviously). That is not to say we are not grateful for our small but devoted fan base, and because of such we've created a Young and Tactless Twitter feed. If you aren't on Twitter, get with the program. Now that your parents have invaded Facebook, Twitter is the place to be and be seen. Follow us @youngntactless !


Let's not even discuss it. Your Dish DVR/Comcast OnDemand will never live up to TiVo. I am coming up on my one year anniversary with my TiVo HD and here is why you should upgrade:
  • Dual HD tuners (record 2 shows in HD while playing back another, SO useful for Thursday nights). Ya some generic DVR's do this, but I don't care. TiVo does it best.
  • Netflix streaming: Got a Netflix membership? You better 'cause its vastly classier than Redbox. Anyway, stream any Play Instantly movie from Netflix through your TiVo to the TV. Note: sound quality is vastly improved if you have surround sound.
  • Tons and tons of storage space, and if you need more you can get the XL or an external expander drive.
  • It looks like technological sex.

Instant Handbrake

For making those "backup copies" (which are legal) of DVD's on your Mac. Gotta back up those collections folks. We would just never recommend pirating DVD's in this manner, even though it would be extremely easy and be custom made to create iPod compatible copies. Maybe it works on Windows. I don't know and I don't care.

Breaking Up

Not with your significant other (we're too codependent for that anyway), but with TV shows that should have been let out to pasture. This season's victims include Grey's Anatomy (which should have gone away last season), Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl and Survivor. Technically I gave up Survivor years ago, but if you are still watching it you should too. COME ON FOLKS. It was a laugh 5 years ago. Now it's like a template that they keep refilling with new characters. And as for Gossip Girl, Curly and I say if they bring back writing that doesn't make us cringe and add more of the Chuck Bass man love, we'll be back.

New MacBooks

Just had to throw this in for Curly's sake as she is patiently waiting for money from heaven to buy her a new MacBook. Seriously people, the new white ones are a DEAL! $949 with your student discount. Shocking.

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