Monday, March 30, 2009

Sorry World...

Curly and I have once again gone AWOL, but so goes life. We've both been traipsing about creation and have thus not had much time to write. Today is no different, but I would like to mention a few quick things:

--E.R. is saying goodbye! Everyone in the world has written something about it, but a cyber moment of silence would be appropria--te here. Although it has fluctuated wildly in quality over the years, I feel like E.R. should get its credit for being one of the best (and last) scripted dramas of our time.

--Desperate Housewives is arriving at its end of season drama resolution. It's good as ever, but a tad formulaic no?

--Grey's...put it out of its misery already. Come oooooooooooonnnnnnnn.....

--Amazing Race continues, quicker than usual it seems, but remains interesting. Margie and Luke are totally my favorite team this year. One curious thing though, with Mel and his Dad making up the token gay contingent, one assumes Luke to be heterosexual. My question is: has anyone ever seen a heterosexual man cry like Luke did in India? Curiouser and curiouser

--Family Guy is still sliding into the abyss, which is sad considering how funny it used to be. It seems like now it is playing much more to the WOW crowd, and that's nothing I want to be a part of. Please please please watch American Dad. This kinda-copy of Family Guy is actually clever AND topical, something Family Guy can't claim to match.

--Finally, Curly and I are so far giving two big thumbs up to Kings. Nice visuals, both in landscapes and personages. Give it a try. You can watch on Hulu so there's no excuse.

Happy sweeps to all

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